As a preferred desulfurization process, it is been promoting to market day by day because of its low capital and maintenance cost. It is especially a good choice for medium power Plant and peaking plant.

After the gas is allocated at the bottom, it will be sent to lower part of the reaction tower from Venturi tube. Meanwhile, cooling water is been injecting to control the desulfurization condition and the gas outlet temperature. By means of recycling the sorbent, a high gas-solid ratio and a two-phase relative velocity are available to improve the sorbent utilization ratio. Simultaneously, a high desulfurization rate (adjustable) is achieved as well. The gas will be cleaned and discharged as prescribed standard requirement after the dust removal.

Air handling capability is up to 1,000,000m3/h
High-Removal-efficiency for SOx,HF and HCL.
95% of SO2 Removal rate.
Low capital cost.
Simplified Operation.
Byproduct in dry status, no wastewater creates.
No need of gas reheat process.



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