Spray-Drying Desulfurization Process
Currently, there are 75% of refuse incineration projects
in the world adopting this technique.

The typical and mature semidry process desulfurization is widely adopted in small power plant, heating plant and craftwork kiln, particularly in the refuse incineration plant. There are 75% of refuse incineration projects are using it.

The dripping from fixed sprayer reacts with the gas from top of the tower and vaporizes before it drops to the bottom. The reactant is in a dry status and will be separated in the filer-bag dust collector (or ESP). At the same time, SOx, HF and HCL will also be removed too.

A Gas processing capacity of 300,000m3/h.
Desulfurization rate is up to 80%.
Even can meet the most strictest dust discharge requirement.
A high removal rate for heavy mental.
Low (capital and operating) composite cost.
Reactants in dry status, no wastewater creates.



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