1. Dust Collector




2. Odor Elimination Equipment




3. Desulfurization System




4. Part of Sell Achievements

  Dust Remove Project
HongTa Group Yuxi Cigarette Factory Mingxing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Cigarette Factory Shantou Ultrasonic Instrument Corporation
Hangzhou Cigarette Factory Guangzhou Kingfa SCI.&Tech. Co., Ltd.
Changde Cigarette Factory Changhong Group
Wuhan Cigarette Factory Teksid Iron Foundry Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Cigarette Factory Faw-Foundry Co., Ltd.
Honghe Cigarette Factory Guangzhou Toyota Motor Engine Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Huangpu Electric Power Plant Dalian Beiliang Grain Reserve Depot
Tongrentang T & S Inc. Ltd. Cargill-President Feed Protein Technology Company Limited
Xinjiang Tianshan Cement Co., Ltd. Shandong Taishan Glass Fibre Co., Ltd.
Qinghai Aluminum Co. Guangzhou Nanbo Glass Co., Ltd.
Guizhou Aluminum Co. Huarun Paints Holdings Co., Ltd.
Lanzhou Aluminum Co.

Akzo Nobel Non-Stick Coatings (Dongguan)

Baotou Aluminum Co. Yingkou Sanzheng Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
P&G Guangzhou Ltd. Guangzhou Mengli Furniture Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Port Group Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
  Odor Remove Project
Hongta Group Yuxi Cigarette Factory Chongqing Cigarette Factory
Ningbo Cigarette Factory Philip Morris
Guangzhou Dadansha Wastewater Treatment Plant Nestle
Shanghai Jing’an Solid Refuse Logistics Center Heinz-Meiweiyuan (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd
Shanghai Haodai Food Co., Ltd. Swiss Wastewater Treatment Plant

Desulfurization Project
Zhaozhuang Heating Power Plant Xi’an Hazardous Products Treatment Plant
Shanxi Taiyuan Waste Incineration Plant Nanri Hazardous Products Treatment Plant
Haerbin Waste Incineration Plant Fengxian Waste Incineration Plant
Meizhou Guangming Power Plant Jinan Hazardous Products Treatment Plant
Panyu Hazardous Products Treatment Plant



5. Memberships and Awards Received
      Member of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry
      Member of Guangdong provincial Association of Environmental Protection Industry
      Member of Guangzhou Association of Environmental Protection Industry
      Awarded Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievements
      Key enterprise of Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry
      Products Recommended to the Market of E.E.C
      Recommended as high quality product by Association Technology Nouvelle de France
      Member of Specialized Committee of Solid Waste Management of China Society for Environmental Sciences
      Embodied in Vender List of China Governmental Procurement



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