D.C Dust Collector is a distillate combining with advanced filtration technology of 90¡¯s and optimum structural equipment, which experienced ninety years engineering test. Currently, hundreds thousands of machines are running at a good status in each field worldwide. D.C series products are modular-assembled. Its filter media varies from 3m2 to 4400m2 and air processing capability can reach several hundreds thousands of cubic meters per hour. Various high-efficiency and long-life filter media, the design of descending air flow coped with Horizontal bag removal and standardized mold pressing manufacture, and all of these make D.C products the first choice of our customers.

The products can by applied in following fields:
Food industry: Grain, Tobacco
Chemical Industry: fine chemicals, fertilizer, spray drying, foundry
Building Industry: Glass, Glass Fibre, Cement , Ceramic
Metallurgy Industry: Steel, aluminum
Other Industry: Electronics, Power Generation, Harbor, Pharmacy, Tyre etc.

Standard Products:DLMC Cased Dust Collector¡¢DLMV Insertable Dust                   Collector¡¢DLMU Unit Dust Collector¡¢DLMP Odor
                  Elimination System£»
Engineering Products: Air Conveying, High ¨C temperature Gas                       Deacidification (Desulfurization) and Gas Cleaning





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