DLMC Dust Collector




Hhigh collection efficiency: 99.99%;
Downward-airflow pattern design makes for dust descends    naturally;
Perfect reversed pulse jet and self-cleaning system keep    the bag trouble-free;
Horizontal bag removal, easy to uninstall or install;
Modular design, flexible equipped and standardized mold    manufacture;
Multi-functions option for differential pressure,
   timing-control pulse-jet dust cleaning, antistatic and    explosion-proof;
Warrant for two-year Maintenance-free for filter bag;
Temperature Range: from normal temperature to 250;
Incoherent with oil or water, can endure even 35% of dust    humidity and 95% of air relative humidity;
Difficult to stick with dust, available for the condition    of dust density up to 300g/m3 (Pre-separation plenum Even    can sustain dust density to 1000g/m3)
High mechanical strength, filtration speed can achieve    1.2-3 meters per minute.


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